October 2009 : a new release (bibus 1.5.0)

  • OOo3.1 compatibility
  • Infinite number of file/http links
  • Clever capitalization (lord of war => Lord of War ...)
  • Better handling of journal abbreviations
  • Import/Export filters can be added easily (plugin)
  • journal abbreviations and shortcuts can be easily edited (simple csv file that can be edited in OOo/excel or a text editor)
  • Lot of bug fixes
  • Requires python2.5 (not a problem anymore under Windows since OOo3.1 includes 2.6)
  • Requires wxpython-2.8

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How to use Pubmed search in Bibus

If you use a proxy server to access the network, Bibus will seem to hang forever (and you have to kill it), when you do a Pubmed search. To be able use the search Pubmed option under GNU/Linux (this trick worked for me using Ubuntu Feisty Fawn i686), use the following tweak:

  • add the following lines to your .bashrc:

export http_proxy="http://yourproxyserver:port/"
export ftp_proxy="http://yourproxyserver:port/"
export HTTP_PROXY="http://yourproxyserver:port/"
export FTP_PROXY="http://yourproxyserver:port/"

  • after saving and closing the .bashrc file, open up a new terminal and type bibus.
  • now you can use Pubmed search

If you are running on Windows XP, add the following environment variables:

Variable name   Variable value
HTTP_PROXY      http://yourproxyserver:port
FTP_PROXY       http://yourproxyserver:port

The environment variable list is accessed by right-clicking 'My Computer' and choosing properties. It is located on the 'Advanced' tab.

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