October 2009 : a new release (bibus 1.5.0)

  • OOo3.1 compatibility
  • Infinite number of file/http links
  • Clever capitalization (lord of war => Lord of War ...)
  • Better handling of journal abbreviations
  • Import/Export filters can be added easily (plugin)
  • journal abbreviations and shortcuts can be easily edited (simple csv file that can be edited in OOo/excel or a text editor)
  • Lot of bug fixes
  • Requires python2.5 (not a problem anymore under Windows since OOo3.1 includes 2.6)
  • Requires wxpython-2.8

Link your references both to Pubmed and a local pdf file

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Do you want to have your references linked both to your local pdf file and to Pubmed?

You need to install the bibus source and replace three files with these ones (instruction is included): for bibus 1.4.2 or for bibus 1.4.0rc2.

After an online search in Pubmed, the Pubmed URL is stored in the Custom5 field, and you can enter the pdf path in the URL field. Then, if you right-click a reference, you get two links instead of one single. The files were tested with Windows only.

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