October 2009 : a new release (bibus 1.5.0)

  • OOo3.1 compatibility
  • Infinite number of file/http links
  • Clever capitalization (lord of war => Lord of War ...)
  • Better handling of journal abbreviations
  • Import/Export filters can be added easily (plugin)
  • journal abbreviations and shortcuts can be easily edited (simple csv file that can be edited in OOo/excel or a text editor)
  • Lot of bug fixes
  • Requires python2.5 (not a problem anymore under Windows since OOo3.1 includes 2.6)
  • Requires wxpython-2.8


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How to enter or edit an article

Check out the mediawiki help. In short:

  1. To edit an existing article, click the edit button at the top, or inside the article page. For long articles with an index (TOC) at the top, the upper menu 'edit' will allow to edit the whole article (all sections), while the edit button in the text will only edit a single section. If you want to add a new section, you must use the top-menu edit button and edit the complete article!
  2. To create a new page, enter the page name in the search box and press 'go'. If there's no page with the same title, you will see the message There is no page titled ":my new title". You can create this page. on the result page. CLick on the 'create this page' part of the text and the edit page for the new article appears!
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