October 2009 : a new release (bibus 1.5.0)

  • OOo3.1 compatibility
  • Infinite number of file/http links
  • Clever capitalization (lord of war => Lord of War ...)
  • Better handling of journal abbreviations
  • Import/Export filters can be added easily (plugin)
  • journal abbreviations and shortcuts can be easily edited (simple csv file that can be edited in OOo/excel or a text editor)
  • Lot of bug fixes
  • Requires python2.5 (not a problem anymore under Windows since OOo3.1 includes 2.6)
  • Requires wxpython-2.8


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Where can I find some help?

Have a look at the documentation and at the Community portal. If you don't find your answer, you can ask your question on the help forum.

How does the journal abbreviation facility work?

see first steps

After importing references from the internet or endnote, the references disappear at next restart

Your problem is that bibus always import reference in a temporary database which is deleted of shutdown. The idea is that very often you get online a very long list of references and you are only interested in some of them. To save same definitely, you must drag and drop or copy/paste them from the Import/Online key to the "References" key.

How can I import my old endnote database?

Have a look at this page.

Bibus starts minimized in the task bar on Windows, and I cannot open it with a single left click on the task bar icon

This is a known bug which generally occurs after bibus was unproperly closed. Have a look there.

Can I share my styles?

Yes! Have a look there.

How can I contribute to the wiki?

You have to be registered and logged in to edit and/or create new pages. This was necessary to limit page spamming. You can share your styles, your macros, your Import/Export filters. You can also complete the documentation or any page on the site.

I found a bug, where can I report it?

You can find a bug tracker here. If your bug has not been reported yet (there is a search choice), report it after having logged in in the sourceforge website.

I connect bibus to an existing database but I can't see any references?

Check if you are using with the correct username (the username of the database creator). If you don't use the correct username, you can find the references in the "share" tab (above the reference tree).

I can't establish a connection between bibus and openoffice

Have a look at this page.

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